Squabbling Hippopotami

Hippo Squabble_2014_10_08_3071

Two hippopotamuses (Hippopotamus amphibius – Shona: Mvuu; Ndebele: Mvubu) challenge each other for a space in the pod. The hippo is a highly gregarious creature in water, but a solitary feeder when on land. Estes (in the Behaviour Guide to African Mammals) describes the hippopotamus as socially schizophrenic, tolerating close contact with others, but highly aggressive. It is not entirely clear why they cluster in the water. Some suggest the obvious, to protect their calves from likely predation by crocodiles, but trampling and hippo pod aggression accounts for more calf deaths or injury than predator attacks. Individual hippos are highly territorial, maintaining their water space for several years.
(Canon EOS 5D Mark III/EF500mm IS USM + 1.4x; 1/320 sec; f/11; ISO 200; 700mm)

Picture ©2014 Andrew Field – Simply Wild Photography

Photography Quotes

Leroy Zimmerman is an American landscape photographer who dedicated his photographic passion to capturing panoramic images after discovering the technique of using 3 x 35mm frames to create a single panoramic shot. His now lives in Alaska, considered by him to be the utopia for panoramic photography. Zimmerman is attributed with the quote:

“It took many years of shooting before I began to realize why I was not satisfied with my work. I discovered that it was not the photography that I was dissatisfied with, but the format. I realized the limits imposed by a single 35mm frame were not allowing me to film what I was seeing.”

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