Lazing by the Water


Lazing by Water_2016_10_14_2962Part of a pride of lions decided to take an afternoon nap in the shade down by the Zambezi River.

(Canon EOS 5D MarkIII / EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM +1.4III; 1/90 sec; f/19.0; ISO 320; 400mm)

Picture ©2016 Andrew Field – Simply Wild Photography


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Stuck in darkest Africa, lost in the wild and loving it! Don’t let me out of here…


Into the Lions Den

Into the Lions Den_2013_06_04_9384_768x474px

Into the lions (Panthera leo) den one early morning, just as the sun was rising. This pride, of mostly young males and a lioness or two, appeared not to have had much success in their hunt the previous evening. Lionesses are the predominant hunters in this species, accounting for up to 90% of kills in a study of their predatory activity. Contrary to popular belief, lions do not hunt in groups, but mostly as single animals or in pairs. Communal hunts do take place, with many more participants, but mostly when hunting larger prey such as buffalo.
(Canon EOS 7D; f/5.6; 1/180sec; ISO-800; 300mm)

Picture ©2013 Andrew Field – Simply Wild Photography

Digital Wildlife Photographic Tips
For the leisure photographer lens choice may be based on price. Attempt where possible to obtain zoom lenses with internal zoom and focusing features. Lens zoom which involves the physical extension of the lens or movement of a focusing ring often hamper their use on supports like bean bags (commonly used on the window sill of your vehicle).

Awakening from the Siesta

Two lionesses and a young male lion (Panthera leo) are aroused from their daily slumber by the presence of a visitor in their domain. These animals seem to spend most of their lives resting and usually become active at dusk. The rest of the pride was to the photographer’s right and two large males were sitting a short distance away. While their predatory activity takes place mostly at night, lions in woodland habitats are also known to hunt during the day where there is more ambush potential.
(Canon 7D; f/8; 1/180sec; ISO-320; 210mm)

Picture ©2012 Andrew Field – Simply Wild Photography

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