Andrew Field is a leisure photographer with a special passion for wildlife work.  He lives in Harare, Zimbabwe and does most of his photography in southern Africa. He started working with cameras at an early age, when black and white film predominated. His career in law enforcement exposed him to scenes of crime photography on occasions and a brief spell working in journalism and public relations disciplines saw his active use of a camera. It was, however, the attraction of the bush which drew him into the wild, where he was most happy, to photograph nature. Andrew is an active member of the Mashonaland Photographic Society, having been its treasurer for several years. He occasionally writes and blogs on the subject of photography, amongst other things.

Southern Africa has a diverse flora and fauna which is at considerable risk due to political and environmental issues. The author is enthusiastic about his photography and conservation. These blog pages will be dedicated to issues about wildlife in the sub continent and will discuss various aspects of photography, which interest the writer. Andrew will describe himself as an keen leisure wildlife photographer, but, sadly, admits he has not been able to get into the bush as much as he would like to pursue his passion. Two areas which he enjoys are Mana Pools National Park in Zimbabwe, and Etosha in Namibia. The scope and diversity of southern African wildlife sactuaries is incredible and one hopes that you can share Andrew’s love for wildlife photography in the years ahead.

Please note that all material on this site if copyrighted according to normal conventions for creative arts.  Your use of this material, even if unrewarded, will be a breach of the author’s copyright.

7 thoughts on “About

  1. A man of many talents!! Thank you Andrew for sharing your fantastic wildlife photographs.
    I’ve only just stumbled onto this webpage and look forward to seeing what you have regarding general landscape photo’s of Zimbabwe – over and above the background shots.

  2. Very good to find this blog and the accompanying photographs. You undervalue your work. Some great shots here. So good to see female and young elephants. not the great numbers of long ago, but still hanging in.

  3. Hi Andrew, Were you born in ZIm? Recently been back home, which I do whenever finances allow, and spent 8 days Sinamatella and Mandavu Dam. DId you photograph the Wild Dogs in Zim? Born Harare, 2nd generation Zim, lived Gweru. Regards, Ron Platt

    1. Ron… Thanks, while not born here, I have lived in Zimbabwe all my life… arrived here as a toddler. These dogs were captured on camera in Zimbabwe.

  4. Andrew, I unfortunately cannot get to Zim & Mana Pools these days but I continually visit this site and your photographs bring it back to life for me, it is almost as good as being there myself. Congratulations.

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