Steely Eyes

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Occasionally, one accidentally encounters events a little too close for comfort. Make no mistake, you will be warned off most aggressively if you stumble upon a pride male. Thank goodness for long lenses, but even then this lion (Panthera leo – Shona: shumba; Ndebele: isilwane) was just a touch too close. His look, with those steely eyes, was perhaps more sharply focused on my neck than the camera was on him. Discretion dictated careful retreat.
Population Trend : Declining; Threat: VulnerableSource IUCN
(Canon EOS 50D/ EF-S18-200mm; 1/60 sec; f/5.6; ISO 200; 200mm)

Picture ©2011 Andrew Field – Simply Wild Photography

Digital Photography Terms
Inverse square law determines the diminishing luminance of items in an image depending on their distance in relation to the light source and the subject. It is most relevant with off camera lighting and it teaches us how light works over distance and why the distance between the photographer’s light source and the subject being photographed is so important.

“Light is the photographic medium par excellence; it is to the photographer what words are to the writer; color and paint to the painter; wood, metal, stone, or clay to the sculptor. ”

– Andreas Feininger

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