Wild Dogs Gorging – Republished

Dogs on Kill_2011_10_22_3329
This image was probably the most difficult of a recent trip. We had been following a pack of wild dog (Lycaon pictus) as they went about their hunt. A small part of the pack isolated an impala antelope and gave chase, successfully bringing it down just off the Zambezi River flood plain. The light was fading… one had to gallop with camera 200m to get to the vantage point from which this was taken. After a hard run, the excitement of the opportunity, and taking this image without a tripod, not to mention the dogs kicking up dust, this series of shots was only asking for failure. Fortunately a old fallen tree provided stability for a hard breathing photographer. The dogs nearly consumed the entire antelope in the period it took the photographer to run 200m.
(Canon 7D; f/5,6; 1/125sec; ISO-400; 360mm)

Picture ©2011 Andrew Field – Simply Wild Photography

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