Waterbuck Flight

waterbuck-flight_2016_10_15_3101Being among the rich wildlife of Mana Pools is ever rewarding. Just something simple, like Waterbuck (Kobus EllipsiprymnusShona: dhumukwa; Ndebele: isidumuka) in flight, with their shaggy coats, often presents an opportunity. These three Waterbuck seem to have been spooked by something, which was never identified. They are not very fast on the hoof, in fact some describe them as donkey like. They are no match for the more common predators of Mana Pools, such as Wild Dog and Lions.
(Canon EOS 5D Mk III/ EF100-400mm IS II USM; 1/1500 sec; f/5.6; ISO 320; 340mm)

Picture ©2016 Andrew Field – Simply Wild Photography

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