Big Mouth


A river horse (Hippopotamus amphibius – Shona: Mvuu; Ndebele: Mvubu) yawns while catching the last shards of light at Long Pool. During the early evening these beasts will stir and begin thinking about food, and the long trek to their favourite grazing spots. They travel up to 10 kilometres from water to feed and will consume as much as 70 kg in a night. This hippo is not actually yawning, it is threatening imposters taking its picture.
(Canon EOS 5D Mk III/ EF100-400mm IS II USM; 1/500 sec; f/5.6; ISO 320; 400mm)

Picture ©2016 Andrew Field – Simply Wild Photography

A-Z of Photography

Golden Ratio is based on a natural phenomenon and exploited by ancient fine artists to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing composition of their works. The mathematician, Leonardo Bonacci introduced the Fibonacci sequence from which any two successive numbers in the sequence form a constant ratio, or the Golden Ratio which approximates to 1.618 or in basic terms a 5 x 8. The spiral created by squares measured in the decreasing Fibonacci sequence may be found in many aspects of nature, giving rise to the term divine ratio..

“I wanted to combine science and photography in a sensible, unemotional way. Some people’s ideas of scientific photography is just arty design, something pretty. That was not the idea. The idea was to interpret science sensibly, with good proportion, good balance and good lighting, so we could understand it.”

– Berenice Abbott

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  1. That is a TOP class picture, background out of focus, teeth sharp, colours good. Composition excellent. I would call this picture a Photographers Dream occasion, just look at the lighting, perfect.

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