Waterbuck Basking in the Morning


The Waterbuck (Kobus EllipsiprymnusShona: dhumukwa; Ndebele: isidumuka), with its distinctive white hoop on its rump, is a hardy antelope which is fairly well distributed in East and Central Africa. It is the most water reliant of the antelope and less able to withstand dehydration in extremely hot conditions. Its habitat will usually extend to grazing land near water. While mostly a grazer, it will browse on available herbage, particular during the dry season when grasses may be in short supply.
(Canon EOS 5D Mk III/ EF100-400mm IS II USM; 1/180 sec; f/5.6; ISO 320; 349mm)

Picture ©2016 Andrew Field – Simply Wild Photography

A-Z of Photography

Kelvin Scale is a measurement of the visible light spectrum and is usually described as colour temperature as applied to different emission sources. Photographic “normal daylight” may be expressed in kelvins (K) and is usually gauged at about 5,500K, while tungsten light may emit at lower temperatures. Colour temperature during the “golden hour” is around 3,500K and is certainly considered by many the best time for wildlife photography.

“I expect to retire to a fine-grained heaven where the temperatures are always consistent, where the images slide before ones eyes in a continual cascade of form and meaning.”

– Ansel Adams