Pied Kingfisher’s Breakfast


Opportunity knocked when this little Pied Kingfisher (Ceryle rudis) dropped in just meters from the photographer to consume his catch. This bird is the male of the species, with its double breast band. The Pied Kingfisher is very broadly distributed in Southern Africa and a common resident of freshwater pans and wetlands.
(Canon EOS 5D Mk III/ EF100-400mm IS II USM; 1/1500 sec; f/5.6; ISO 3200; 400mm)

Picture ©2016 Andrew Field – Simply Wild Photography

A-Z of Photography
Lens Speed comprises the f-stop of the largest aperture at which the lens will function, hence a fast lens is one which will operate at a very low f-stop transmitting more light to the sensor or film plane. A 400mm lens which may function at an aperture setting of f/3.5 is a fast lens. Zoom lenses generally operate within a range of a few stops, the longer the focal length the tighter the aperture. A canon EF100-400 zoom lens operates between f/4.5 and f/5.6

“Human gesture and expression are the essence of photography. It’s not about lights or fast lenses and fast film. It’s the ability to capture a moment in time. To capture the spirit of someone in that magic box is wonderful. It’s what I fell in love with as a kid.”

– John Shearer

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