Leopard Sundowner


This image was a challenging shot, having been taken after last light, using a long lens with and a slow shutter speed. This leopard (Panthera pardus) was spotted relaxed, but surveying its surrounds, some distance from the road. These solitary, territorial animals are not seen too frequently in Mana Pools. Adult leopards are only social with each other for as long as it takes to mate!
(Canon EOS 50D Mk III/ EF100-400mm IS II USM + 1.4x III; 1/50 sec; f/8; ISO 1250; 560mm)

Picture ©2015 Andrew Field – Simply Wild Photography

A-Z of Photography

Yellow Filters were used mostly in film medium photography, particularly with monochrome (black and white) photography. Yellow filters absorb blue (a complimentary colour) enabling greater contrast in the image between blue and the range from yellow to white. These filters absorb UV light too, reducing haze, and were particularly useful in landscape and aerial photography. Yellow (or K2 or Y48) filters can be used in digital black and white shooting. Graduations up to orange and red usually have a stronger effect.

“If I take a picture given to us by nature, which appears singular, but which is in reality triple in terms of colour, and disassemble it onto three distinct pictures, one red, one yellow and one blue; and if I obtain a separate photographic image of each of these three pictures which reproduces its particular colour; it will be sufficient to join the three resulting images into a single image in order to possess the exact representation of nature, colour, and modelling all together.”

– Louis Ducos Du Hauron – 1862

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Stuck in darkest Africa, lost in the wild and loving it! Don’t let me out of here…

2 thoughts on “Leopard Sundowner

  1. Excellent picture. Leopard in natural habitat, at gaze and alert. Good colours. Not the animal that is the most photogenic.

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