Bountiful Boswell

Boswell_2015_08_22_8580One of the more iconic bull elephants (Loxodonta africana), simply know as Boswell, along with a young male, busy feasting on a branch torn from an Albida tree. Boswell, who has been collared (ostensibly for his protection), suffered an injury to his tail and lost the whisk of hairs at its tip. He is well known for his circus antics (he derives his name from the famous Southern African circus “Boswell and Wilkie”), and can be found lifting himself up on his hind legs, to get to the tastiest morsels in the upper branches of the trees he feeds upon. He probably consumes as much as 300kg of vegetation each day, and usually attracts a following of feed beneficiaries.  This image was taken in the dappled shade of an Albida tree in the middle of the day.
(Canon EOS 7D / EF24-105mm; 1/250 sec; f/10; ISO 320; 40mm)

Picture ©2015 Andrew Field – Simply Wild Photography

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– Helmut Newton – 2000

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