Monkey Play

Monkey Play_2015_08_23_8641

Two baboons (Papio ursinus) up to a little monkey business atop an anthill in the early morning light. Young baboons enjoy an extraordinary “godfathering” arrangement with males in the troop, mostly their biological fathers. Other, non-paternal males are equally compelled to play godfather in a system of social bonding and protection of the troop’s young. Some say this may be especially so with lascivious intent towards young females, but also allows male immigrants into the troop to gain acceptance. This bonding permits the buffering of the young of the troop, to a certain degree, between contesting males, thus keeping the peace.
(Canon EOS 5D Mk III / EF100-400mm IS MkII USM + 1.4x III; 1/160 sec; f/10; ISO 320; 560mm)

Picture ©2015 Andrew Field – Simply Wild Photography

Photography Quotes
Irving Penn was an American photographer who was known for his fashion, portrait, and still life works. His career included work at Vogue magazine, but he did much independent advertising work for leading agencies. He has exhibited across the globe and he is considered a master of the art of photography. Penn is attributed with this quotation:

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