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Mana Pools seemed to be the setting for turf wars recently with the arrival of a new male, accompanied by a small pride in an area, once the reserve of others. This lion (Panthera leo – Shona: shumba; Ndebele: isilwane) seemed overly cautious and was perhaps more aggressive than one may have expected. His deep penetration into new territory suggests he was clearly intent on dominating this new patch! Perhaps this explains the disarray of the resident pride in the area. Looking deep into his knifelike stare, plainly, he was not intent on taking much nonsense from photographers either.
(Canon EOS 5D Mk III / EF100-400mm IS MkII USM + 1.4x III; 1/640 sec; f/8; ISO 320; 463mm)

Picture ©2015 Andrew Field – Simply Wild Photography

Photography Quotes

French photographer Guy Le Querrec is attributed with today’s quotation. Le Querrec, a former soldier, turned professional and followed an active career which includes a tour of photo journalism in Francophone Africa for for Jeune Afrique magazine. He co-founded the Viva photo-agency and is a member of Magnum.

“A photographer is an acrobat treading the high wire of chance, trying to capture shooting stars.”

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