Charging Lioness

Lioness Charging_2013_06_03_9217

In Africa’s raw, wild domain there is some certainty bumping into danger when stumbling upon a defensive ‘nursery’ group of lionesses (Panthera leo), or their lair. This lioness, separated from the main pride, was captured on camera while breaking off a charge in defence of young cubs, after an accidental encounter. The young cubs had been ushered immediately to safety, in a nearby nook or thicket, while two of the ‘ladies’ stood their ground, which included an impressive display of force and a diversion away from the cubs. Tactical retreat was in order for the photographer.
(Canon EOS 7D / EF100-400mm IS USM; 1/750 sec; f/11; ISO 320; 300mm)

Picture ©2013 Andrew Field – Simply Wild Photography

Photography Quotes
Burk Uzzle is an American photojournalist, and credited with being the youngest ever to be contracted by Life Magazine. He was previously member of Magnum Photos and its president from 1979 to 1980. He is attributed with this quote:

“A photographer’s best pictures are from deep inside him, and also some of the worst. Some photographers enjoy distinguished careers without ever taking personal photographs. Others, audaciously and arrogantly and courageously discharge their most private feelings through photography. Trouble is, sometimes it all adds up to baloney.”