Wild Pups on Alert

Wild Dog Pups_2014_10_05_4036

One might guess that our sentiment towards Wild Dogs (Lycaon pictus) is not too different to that we hold for our pets. This image of a pup nursery was taken amidst the chaos of a wild dog hunt early one morning in Mana Pools. The young dogs were apprehensive about the presence of so many photographers running amok after the hunting pack to get that ultimate shot, much to the disgust of most observers. The dog’s curiosity was aroused by the author’s presence, lying on his stomach in static observation awaiting the hunting pack’s return to feed their pups. Wild dogs will gorge themselves full at the site of a kill and then return to the nursery area to disgorge on demand to their awaiting young and other adults who remained with the pups.
(Canon EOS 5D Mark III/EF70-200mm IS USM + 1.4x; 1/640 sec; f/4.0; ISO 1000; 280mm)

Picture ©2014 Andrew Field – Simply Wild Photography

Photography Quotes
Dorothea Lange was an American documentary photographer and photojournalist, renowned for her Depression-era work. She humanised the consequences of the Great Depression in her images and developed the art of documentary photography in her time. Lange is attributed with the quote:

“The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.”

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  1. Beatiful image ” The sub plot ” is knowing your quarry which your capture demonstrates

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