Tree Bullying

Tree Bullying_2014_10_10_2107-2

You just have to love those elephants in the Mana Pools area! They are so innovative. Here a bull elephant (Loxodonta africana) is shaking the trunk of the tree hope of a fall of Acacia albida (renamed Faidherbia albida) pods, which are an absolute delicacy for elephants in the season. This bull shook the tree several times. In between bullying the tree with such power and great, if not brute, strength, the elephant walked around picking up the pods delicately and gently, one by one, with his trunk. The extremes of the wild under the shade of a tree.
(Canon EOS 5D Mk III/EF24-105mm f/4LIS USM ; 1/30 sec; f/9; ISO 800; 80mm)

Picture ©2014 Andrew Field – Simply Wild Photography

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Stuck in darkest Africa, lost in the wild and loving it! Don’t let me out of here…

5 thoughts on “Tree Bullying

  1. Hi Andrew, super photo, keep them coming to us who cannot get to Mana to experience the vibe of Africa. Everything of the best for this festive season and the new year.

  2. Hi Andrew. Just a short one to thank you for all your wonderful photographs which are much appreciated and to wish you and your family a Very Happy CHRISTMAS and a better New Year. Regards. Maurice Roffey 4623

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  3. Like it Andy. These amazing animal are so huge but when they need to be are so gentle. In Jock they went past us silently except pr a very quiet swish, swish. They continually amaze me.

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