Stalking Me!

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A curious lioness (Panthera leo) decides to stalk the photographer. A delicate situation ensued and fortunately ended with the lioness’ retreat after a stand-off. Too close for comfort! Lions rarely charge their quarry outside of 30 meters and rely on stalking to get within optimal range. One will never know if this unexpected encounter was a foray for food, to play or just mere curiosity. According to Estes (The Behaviour Guide to African Mammals), each link in the predatory chain is an independently motivated action, thus a gorged animal cannot resist making an easy kill and it perhaps explains why cats play with the animals they catch but do not kill them.
(Canon EOS 5D Mark III /EF70-200mm IS II USM EXT 1.4 Ext; 1/80 sec; f/4.5; ISO 320; 280mm)

Picture ©2014 Andrew Field – Simply Wild Photography

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Digital Wildlife Photographic Tips

Try shooting for a day in Manual mode to get more creative. This is the mode on your camera which allows you to set both aperture and shutter speeds for the specific shot you wish to take. With depth of field control (aperture) and being able to freeze or blur the action (shutter speed), the only other adjustment would be the ISO. Today’s modern DSLRs usually provide for an automatic ISO setting, usually set through the camera’s menu system.

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Stuck in darkest Africa, lost in the wild and loving it! Don’t let me out of here…

2 thoughts on “Stalking Me!

  1. I have looked at the picture for some time now and this lovely pictures shows lots of emotion and feeling. She is in the stalk mode but she also shows curiosity. How far she can go. What you will do. Power play. I see you, you see me. Power play. Nice.

  2. Wow, my granddaughter enjoyed the photos, she is 7 never been to Africa, looks at me and says now Iknow why you talk about Africa. Thank you Andrew

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