Lioness on the Lookout

Lioness on the Lookout_2011_09_12_2088_1024px

Another lioness (Panthera leo) keeps a look out at the scene of a crime (following the killing of a buffalo the previous evening) in Mana Pools National Park. This lady later commenced stalking a passing buffalo herd and gave one of the older ‘dagga boys’ a bit of sparing fun around a large tree, basically for morning sport. She was having a little bit of a bad hair day with coagulated buffalo blood in her hair and ear tips.
(Canon 50D; f/8; 1/250sec; ISO-640; 400mm)

Picture ©2011 Andrew Field – Simply Wild Photography

Digital Wildlife Photographic Tips

Wildlife action shots need to be taken at high speeds, circa 1/2500sec plus, but be conscious of light restrictions at these fast shutter speeds. Using a fast lens (f/2.8) with a very wide aperture helps achieve this on a bright day and increasing ISO ssensitivity or using Auto ISO will adjust exposure to best advantage on duller days. Be careful that the Auto ISO does not spike too high; resulting in more grainy images, but acknowledge the potential for some creative effects if it does.

3 thoughts on “Lioness on the Lookout

  1. Lovely shot Andrew – even light, well posed, (or is that composed – who’s in charge here?), perfect depth of field for a portrait. Makes me want to be there!


    1. David… much appreciate your comments as a professional… thank you. Wish I was back in the bush too.

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