Eland Couple

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The bush had thickened up a bit in Mana Pools after good rains, and there was lots of water in pans south of the river. This means fewer animals browsing or grazing with exception of the normal suspects, such as impala and elephants. These two eland (Tregelaphus oryx) were an exceptional sighting, since most of the eland herds appear to be to the south in the thick jesse. This is a little strange since eland can go indefinitely without water, so there absence near the flood plains may have been driven by food availability. Eland browse and graze, moving to grass or ground covers when the browsing potential is reduced.
(Canon EOS 7D Mark /EF70-200mm IS II USM; 1/500 sec; f/8; ISO 1000; 560mm)

Picture ©2014 Andrew Field – Simply Wild Photography

Digital Wildlife Photographic Tips

Get to know your focusing system on your camera. Standard DSLR cameras usually off three autofocus modes, one shot, AI servo and AI focus. When in the field and shooting wildlife, your subject will vary its movement considerably, between standing still and running. This is a little unpredictable so use the AI Focus when using auto-focus which will switch between one shot focusing and AI Servo (continually focusing) automatically.

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