Mother and Child

Mother and Child Elephant_2011_10_23_3412_768x474px

Mother and child elephant (Loxodonta africana) captured during the middle of the day, while they sought refuge under the shade of the trees. Temperatures were souring during the hottest month of the year, October. Just another elephant shot!  Some say that one can age a young elephant, if it is able to walk freely beneath its mother’s legs, at one year of age.  This little calf seems not to be much beyond that milestone.
(Canon 50D; f/4; 1/320sec; ISO-200; 28mm)

Picture ©2011 Andrew Field – Simply Wild Photography

Digital Wildlife Photographic Tips
Consider what the subject of your photograph will be, zoom in and out, compose, fire many shots. Wildlife photography does not always present the option to change your angle of view, it is often an opportunist shot, so make the best of your capture angle by carefully composing the subject in the frame and then using different focal lengths, keeping mind what the subject of your shot is. Most importantly keep shooting! Some wildlife photographers will consume many memory cards in a single day.