Foraging for Figs

Foraging for Figs_2014_05_14_0366_768x474px

This Young elephant (Loxodonta africana) spent the entire day foraging for figs around the base of this strangler fig tree. The symbiotic relationship between elephant and baboon or monkey was clearly apparent. Primates are the most messy eaters, dropping much foliage and fruit to the ground while moving to the next pod for another nibble. The elephants happily feed on the falling surplus, cleaning up around the base of the tree.
(Canon EOS 7D Mark /EF70-200mm IS II USM; f/6.7; 1/350sec; ISO-400; 190mm)

Picture ©2014 Andrew Field – Simply Wild Photography

Digital Wildlife Photographic Tips

When out in the field, make sure you have at least one spare fully charged battery and a couple of memory cards per camera in your pack. Nothing can be more frustrating than seeing photo opportunities disappearing because you run out of power or have no space left on your memory card. The key to great images is to take many shots, more favourably in RAW format, so consumables are essential.

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