Lesser Kestrel


This bird was first identified as an Eastern Redfooted Kestrel by a friend, but others suggest it may be a Lanner, probably a juvenile too. In fact, it is a Lesser Kestrel (Falco naumanni) and a female by all accounts. This variety of Kestrel breeds in both Europe and Asia and migrates to Africa. It was shot by camera in captivity, but that does not make it a lesser image. The challenge was to get the exact right pose… if you think humans are difficult to sit for portraits, then try this little ‘critter”
(Canon 50D; f/5,6; 1/100sec; ISO-200; 120mm)

Picture ©2011 Andrew Field – Simply Wild Photography

Digital Wildlife Photographic Tips

Getting the right shot of your subject is critical to the impact of the image you take. Take many of the same subject, adjusting perhaps depth of field (aperture) and exposure where necessary. Make use of the brightness histogram and the RGB histogram (for colour saturation and graduation) if available, when displaying images on your camera, to guide you. Shoot darker rather than lighter.

2 thoughts on “Lesser Kestrel

  1. The Sasol Bird Guide, on page 116, seems to suggest it is a Lanner Falcon
    “… Juv is dark grey/brown above with creamy brown crown and nape ..”
    This image does not match the Redfooted falcon (Page 122) which has much darker colouring. I offer two alternatives – page 114 – African Cuckoo Hawk – page 120 – Sooty Falcon. The Sasol Bird Book is available as an Iphone application

  2. Thank you Andrew… this is the second suggestion of the bird being a Lanner Falcon… I will post the full image on Facebook today.

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