Wild Pups

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Sitting so close to Wild Dogs (Lycaon pictus) in a mud-crusty pan during the last hour of light is not everyone’s idea of fun, but for the author it is always a pleasurable moment; no matter the discomfort crawling into position on one’s stomach, lugging your camera kit along. These two dogs were part of a bigger pack which had settled in an almost dried pan for the day. They were beginning to stir for the hunt. Where game is abundant, it is not unknown for packs to enjoy both breakfast and dinner. Their endurance on the hunt is incredible. Research suggests these animals can maintain speeds of 55 kph for several kilometres, but rarely have to exceed 3 kilometres before taking down their quarry.
(Canon EOS 50D/EF100-400mm; f/10.0; 1/60sec; ISO-800; 400mm)

Picture ©2013 Andrew Field – Simply Wild Photography

Digital Wildlife Photographic Tips

Pin sharp images contribute to critical success in wildlife photography and the eyes always count. Using auto-focus with fixed centre point selection has a number of drawbacks when composing your image. Rather than focusing and then composing, the photographer can compose and focus by using a using flexible-spot auto-focus. This moves the point of focus around the view-finder to suit your composition. Most DSLR cameras provide a well-placed button and multi-direction controller for this purpose. Practice often before you go to the bush.

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  1. Nice picture Andrew. Not my favourite animal but necessary in the animal chain of life. Your dedication on waiting is so good.

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