The Kudu and the Baboon

Kudu and Baboon_2013_10_07_2313_768x474px

This may be an unusual pose of a Kudu bull (Tragelaphus stepsiceros). The antelope had been taking water from a puddle in a drying water pan and had sensed a noise or smell, much like its baboon companion. Initially this animal was identified as a Nyala, but on a second look the photographer actually believes it is a kudu… they are related and they may look similar occasionally, but there is no mistaking the difference between the foreneck hair markings of each animal. This animal is very distictly kudu!
(Canon 50D; f/10; 1/800sec; ISO-800; 400mm)

Picture ©2013 Andrew Field – Simply Wild Photography

Digital Wildlife Photographic Tips
Faster shutter speeds are essential for sharp images of animals on the move. While always giving consideration to lens’ focal distances when selecting your shutter speed, any action shot will require increased shutter speeds to freeze the action and give a sharp image. The closer the subject is to the lens, the faster it moves across your field of vision, thus the quicker the shutter speed should be. Think in terms of 1/1,500th sec and faster. Watch your exposure – adjust ISO if you reach the limits. Flip over to shutter priority when there is going to be action.