Lion Strolling on the Grass

Lion Strolling_2011_10_20_2694_768x474px

A male lion (Panthera leo) takes a ‘laid back’ stroll past the photographer on its way back to the pride after seeing off something which had been irritating it. The pride had settled earlier in the day in amongst large amounts of ‘bull rush’ like grass, with other members of the pride under a sausage tree, before being disturbed by elephant. The pride had probably been there since the previous night, when they had fed. The latter part of 2011 in Mana was rich with the experience of lion kills as this photographer was lucky to observe.
(Canon 50D; f/5.6; 1/250sec; ISO-100; 105mm)

Picture ©2011 Andrew Field – Simply Wild Photography

Digital Wildlife Photographic Tips
When using an image stabilising lens with more than one image stabiliser mode, be sure that the lens is correctly set for the type of work you are doing. Often cameras have different modes of image stabilisation, one for horizontal cameral movement and another for vertical camera movement. Be sure to use the correct one. Switch off you image stabiliser when your camera is mounted on a firm tripod. More importantly, be sure to change the settings back to your most frequently used preference after any changes made for unique shots or situations.