Hyena Disturbed

Hyena Disturbed_2010_10_15_1548_786x474px

This Spotted hyena (Crocuta crocuta) had been lying in a puddle of water, cooling itself during the intense heat of October 2010 in the Zambezi Valley, shortly before being disturbed. Regarded by many as a scavenger, the hyena is perhaps one of the more efficient eaters, wasting very little of their kills, or those scavenged from other carnivores. The Spotted hyena eats virtually everything except the rumen content and the horn boss of larger antelope.
(Canon50D; f/5,6; 1/400sec; ISO-640; 275mm)

Picture ©2010 Andrew Field – Simply Wild Photography

Digital Wildlife Photographic Tips
Do not forget the surrounding environment when taking shots of a particular subject. Showing wildlife in its natural habitat and combining your subject with a little land or seascape often makes for more stunning images than the subject sitting on its own against a blurred background. This means extending depth of field (with a higher aperture) and bringing the background into greater focus. Reduce focal length and widen the image in the frame.

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