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A young male lion (Pantera leo) decides to move away from a buffalo kill carcass with the remaining skin in a playful mood. By this time the pride had move on to find a shady spot to rest up for the day. The young lion soon abandoned the skin and the carcass to the collecting vultures and join the pride. Lions on the kill can charge their quarry at up to 55kph, but can only sustain the charge for about 100m before breaking off the attack. They are stalkers and often attempt to ambush their prey from about 30m or closer.
(Canon EOS 7D; f/5.6; 1/90sec; ISO-200; 300mm)

Picture Β©2012 Andrew Field – Simply Wild Photography

Digital Wildlife Photographic Tips
With a more powerful lens there is a natural propensity to zoom in on your subject and fill the frame with it. With wildlife imagery you should endeavour to show not only the subject, but its environment too. Consider composing the image approximated on the intersection of thirds and taking in more of the environs surrounding the subject. Zoom in and out on the subject and capture the image at different focal lengths. Where possible, change your angle of approach to the subject, bearing in mind your movement may frighten more skittish subjects.

4 thoughts on “Skinned

  1. Love the colours in this shot and the dust round his paws and the skin. I just want to see what is at the end of the corner of the skin – makes one want to peer round the corner of the photo πŸ™‚
    PS think may have inadvertently rated this photo with one star 😦 could not figure out how to undo that and give it more

  2. Great photo as always Andrew. It was always my pleasure to observe Lions, at ‘work’ or at ‘play’! So sadly missed, together with all other ‘africa’ animals and scenery. Thanks for your photo’s , lovely reminders of times I enjoyed.

  3. Hello Andy. You are full of surprises. Interesting photos of an asset I thought would be dwindling in Zim.Regards, Ant.Blick.

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