Charging Lionesses

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This lioness (Panthera leo) was defending her territory with great speed and aggression. Understandably so. She had two cubs which, when the intrusion was imminent, had slipped into a thicket while the two lionesses sorted out the trespass. Both lionesses participated in the defence attacking in tandem in an attempt to divert the photographer’s attention away from the cub’s den or hideout. Their deep, piercing growls most certainly stir the adrenaline and a tactical withdrawal was in order. These two lionesses are part of the pride we have come to call the Spice Girls. The pride is made up of several cats, which were not present at the time. It seems these two were on nursery duty for the day. An exhilarating experience for the photographer.
(Canon EOS 7D; f/11; 1/750sec; ISO-320; 330mm)

Picture ©2013 Andrew Field – Simply Wild Photography

Digital Wildlife Photographic Tips
The use of tripods is not always possible. Understand the general rule of thumb when taking images with a hand held camera. This rule suggests that the exposure speed is above the focal length of your shot. An image taken with a 400mm focal length should be exposed at 1/400 sec or faster. This will open camera aperture, thus narrowing depth of field, bringing the composed subject of your shot sharply into focus.

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  1. Andrew, we were there with you and experienced the moment. Great shot! Well done!

    1. Bernadette & Lyndon… Yes! You were right there in the thick of it… Did you get the picture too? Thanks for your comment.

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