Zebra Grazing

Two Zebras_2013_06_01_8939_768x512px

Two Plains Zebras (Equus quagga Shona: duve; Ndebele: udube) grazing; each one sporting its own unique pattern of stripes, apparently no two being the same. These animals organise themselves socially around a harem of females overseen by a stallion. New harems are formed when fillies in estrous are abducted from established harems by young stallions (4-8 years) intent on forming their own. Fillies impregnated by an abductor stallion will usual remain with her mate. The word zebra appear to originate from Portuguese (although some suggest it is of Italian origin), used to describe the Iberian wild ass (which is Spanish was called the cebra).
(Canon EOS 7D; f/8; 1/1500sec; ISO-400; 275mm)

Picture ©2013 Andrew Field – Simply Wild Photography

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  1. Visiting this blog feels like taking a mini holiday in nature. Beautiful pics. Thank you Andrew, for sharing you passion & skill.

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