Tree Squirrel drinking Nectar from the Coral Tree Flower

Squirrel Feeding on Nectar_2008_09_07_5390_768x512

A tree squirrel (Paraxeus cepapi maunensis – Shona: shindi) feeds on the nectar of the common coral tree (Erythrina lysistemon). Potential predators of this little critter are arboreal snakes including the boomslang and black mamba. This was an opportunity shot taken near Bulawayo in Matabeleland.
(Canon 20D; f/14; 1/250sec; ISO-100; 300mm)

Picture ©2008 Andrew Field – Simply Wild Photography


2 thoughts on “Tree Squirrel drinking Nectar from the Coral Tree Flower

  1. Great photo Andy, perhaps you had better come and give a talk at the Mountain Club one day! Cheers

    Rob Jarvis

  2. Hello Andrew, This is a very unique and beautiful photo! My stepdad Barry shared your site with me and I am enjoying it alot; great work!

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