Hippopotamus Gaping and Scooping

Gaping Mouthed Hippopotamus_2013_06_01_9041_768x474px

A classic gaping mouth shot of a hippopotamus (Hippopotamus amphibious) at the western end of Long Pool in Mana Pools National Park. This image shows another well known agnostic trait, that of water scooping which is often combined with yawning or gaping. Richard Estes, in his book ‘The Behaviour Guide to African Mammals’ states that the hippo jaws are wide enough to bite a three meter crocodile in two. He relates the story of a bull hippo dragging three lions into the water, when set upon by them. Lions often win, however, and feast on the carcass for days.
(Canon EOS 7D; f/6.7; 1/180sec; ISO-1600; 380mm)

Picture ©2012 Andrew Field – Simply Wild Photography

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  1. Just super ,Andrew you have a real talent , keep them coming to us town hungry photographers.

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