Young Bull

Young Bull_2013_05_31_8893_512x768px

A young male elephant (loxodonta africana) stands coy behind a shrub awaiting its turn to move forward to feed on a large felled baobab trunk being dominated by other bull elephants. Those eyelashes are notable… Young bulls leave the matriarch herd after a decade or more and herd up with other bulls, usually two or three in number. Some wonder in solitude. Before departing the matriarch herd, they tend to follow the herd at a distance and then break off eventually to join bachelor herds. Many of the more senior bull elephants are in musth, a state of sexual readiness causing some aggession, with fluid seeping from their temporal glands. They are a little more easily excited at this time of the year (May/June).
(Canon 7D; f/9.5; 1/500sec; ISO-400; 100mm)

Picture ©2012 Andrew Field – Simply Wild Photography

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  1. Brilliant shot Andrew. Long may he live & sire many more of these magnificent animals before man drives them into extinction.

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