Wild Dogs on the Hunt

This is a scene so typical of the Mana Pools, which the photographer is sure will bring back memories for many. Wild dog (Lycaon pictus) commence their hunt during the early evening just off the Zambezi River flood plain. This pack, has a unique member, a wild dog with floppy ears, leading the pack. In the background is the escarpment sitting in Zambia, which often, during the evening, casts red lines across the dark horizon as bush fires burn uncontrolled in the hills. That bird flying above the pack is a vulture (probably the Hooded Voucher), a bird which shares a semi-symbiotic relationship with the pack, and is often seen standing or perching near the pack looking for feeding opportunities. We are blessed with a lump of elephant dung in the foreground.
(Canon 7D; f/8; 1/125sec; ISO-400; 105mm)

Picture ©2010 Andrew Field – Simply Wild Photography


5 thoughts on “Wild Dogs on the Hunt

  1. In all the many many times spent in the Zambezi valley I never had the privilege of seeing such a sight.

  2. I wonder if people are noticing the probably accidental yet highly effective composition elements in this photo that make it so memorable…the pack line goes from front right to a vanishing point back left then there is an added interest factor central in the vulture which probably knows where its next meal scraps are coming from and to finish off great composition balance is the pile of jumbo dung lower front central with a weak image of an elephant path meandering away to the background with even a snippet of a Sausage Tree fruit top right and a classical shaped Albida tree getting into the composition – no wide expanses of boring sky or boring foreground – great picture of an endangered animal that a lot of countries in Africa have probably lost forever whereas Zimbabwe makes such excellent strides in conservation of these effective predators!

  3. Lovely picture!! Mana pools is one of the most magnificent wilderness areas in the world. Thanks for the picture it’s so lovely !!!!!!!

  4. Hi Andrew, love your photos…I am just about to get new gear and going for a Canon 7D as that is in my price range but wonder what lens you use and find most convenient in the bush…I am planning a photosafari in Dec/Jan.
    cheers Daryl Weatherdon

    1. Daryl, thank you for you kind comments. You cannot go too far wrong with the Canon 7D… it is a great camera. I would select two lenses (I am sure you have the one already) they being the 18-200 IS and then the 100-400 IS. I operate with two cameras to hand… my ever faithful 50D and the 7D… smaller zoom on the 50D body… seems to work for me, although I would be like a happy pig in the proverbial if I could lay my hands on a 400mm with a 2x extender for bird work… Anyone else any recommendations for Daryl…

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