More Wild Dogs Gorging

The lead up to the taking of this photograph of wild dogs gorging themselves on a kill has already been narrated. The great excitement of seeing a wild dog kill stayed with the photographer for many days. This was an exceptionally lucky bush paparazzi opportunity and could only have been achieved with excellent guiding and a large amount of patience. The lead up to this kill left the photographer thinking that he had just experienced a lesson from the dogs on how not to do team work. The pack, which numbered upwards of forty dogs seemed in total disarray when they came to initiate the hunt. Random forays by smaller parts of the pack to select out their quarry seemed so disjointed and one was left wondering if indeed this kill, captured on camera, was just pure luck; yet this is how wild dog survive in the wild.
(Canon 50D; f/6,3; 1/250sec; ISO-100; 210mm)

Picture ©2010 Andrew Field – Simply Wild Photography

2 thoughts on “More Wild Dogs Gorging

  1. Upwards of forty dogs is a huge pack – perhaps their apparently random start to this hunt would have caused untold confusion amongst the impala and other potential prey such that inevitably some hapless antelope would be caught! Cannot wait to get to Mana again one day – what a place!

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