Dagga Boy

This image of and old ‘dagga boy’, a buffalo (Syncerus caffer), was taken entirely at the wrong time of day. With still damp mud caking on its horns and hide it seems likely that this beast had recently been wallowing in a mud pan nearby. He was sniffing out the air assessing the photographer’s scent, the source of his recent disturbance. Many of these older male buffalo move in small groups of two or three animals, although it is not uncommon for them to be alone. Buffalo are generally gregarious herd following bovines moving in large formations sometimes numbering upwards of a couple of hundred animals, a magnificent sight to see when on the run, kicking up huge clouds of dust across the African veldt.
(Canon 50D; f/7.1; 1/160sec; ISO-100; 400mm)

Picture ©2010 Andrew Field – Simply Wild Photography