Guest Photographer: Meat Scrap by Neil MacCullum

Two hooded vultures (Necrosyrtes monachus) squabble over pickings near by a carcass. The hooded vulture is a common species in Mana Pools National Park and are often seen in the company of wild dog. These timid birds eat offal, usually discarded by wild dogs and other predators after the kill, more readily than they eat carrion. This image, captured by Neil MacCullum to whom I extend my sincere thanks for allowing me to reproduce it here.
(Canon 50D; f/5.6; 1/250sec; ISO-100; 105mm)

Neil won an Acceptance Award in the Canadian George W. Glennie Memorial Nature Salon 2012 for this image.

Picture ©2011 Robert Neil MacCullum – Simply Wild Photography