Guest Photographer: The Crooked Stream – by Robin Eustace Harvey Esq.

This amazing, painting like and so well composed water scenic was captured by my second guest photographer, Robin Eustace Harvey, yet another former colleague to venture into photography. This photograph takes us out of Africa, for a short spell, to Ireland. This shot was take on a November morning just as the sun was attempting to break through the fog which hung over the river. The River Slaney in Ireland, once known as the Queen of the Irish salmon rivers, is a short river in length, only 72 miles from birth in the Wicklow Mountains to its escape into the sea at Wexford. The scene at the time of taking, apart from the babble of the water was silent and eerie.
(Nikon D700; f/11; 1/30sec; ISO-200; 22-85mm)

Picture ©2011 Robin Eustace Harvey Esq.